Purpose Statement


Outskirts is a London-based charity with the primary focus of providing support to women and those who feel marginalised or socially excluded through providing arts psychotherapies, support groups and advice services. Outskirts operates from a feminist perspective, valuing the contribution of all members of society equally and understanding the various different types of oppression many people face.


Core Values


At Outskirts we believe in equality and a celebration of difference. We are dedicated to listening to but also privileging the experiences of women and those who feel disenfranchised or defined as ‘other’ by socially dominant groups. We work from a feminist foundation, valuing our clients’ perceptions and considering the impact on the individual of gender identity, culture, ethnicity, physicality, religious beliefs, economic status and sexuality, as experienced personally and within society. We work therapeutically, using a feminist therapy model that includes the exploration of external realities impacting on an individual’s experience, as well as the personal. We also support clients practically offering a service that is person centered, politically active and ethically aware. 





We aim to provide a non-judgmental and compassionate space for those who have suffered social, personal or political injustice, trauma or those who identify themselves as being in emotional or mental distress. We understand that often the beginning of recovery is in identifying the problem. We aim to provide a person-centered, inclusive service to support those in distress so they can begin to feel they are no longer on the Outskirts but central to their own experience – with the ability to facilitate change.



We are dedicated to the concept of collaborative work; that being an egalitarian collaboration between client or service user and therapist or service provider, or collaborative working relationships between Outskirts and other charities and service providers within the community.


Dignity and Empowerment

We respect and fight for the inherent dignity of every person regardless of gender identity, culture, ethnicity, physicality, religious beliefs and sexuality, as experienced within society. We aim to provide constructive support and guidance to aid personal empowerment and independence for all who access our services.


Diversity and Difference

We believe in the celebration of diversity and the equal rights of all in society regardless of gender identity, culture, ethnicity, physicality, religious beliefs or sexuality. We aim to acknowledge difference and name ways in which many people are made to feel marginalised including marginalisation due to gender.


Integrity and Ethics

We are dedicated to the continual assessment of our relationships with those who feel disenfranchised and seek support from our services. We work from a feminist belief that we are all immersed in patriarchal norms that inform the way in which we consider others. We are dedicated to the continual monitoring and assessment of our services with regard to judgment, the issue of power and good ethical practice.