Happy New Year from Outskirts!

We are very excited to say a very big thank you to all that helped formally launch Outskirts last month and supported our first fundraiser, the very successful Art Take Away. We would love to list every artist and buyer that donated funds to help Outskirts get on its feet, but there are just too many people! So we just hope you know who you are that we are so incredibly grateful. There are just a few special thank you’s, firstly to Carlos and all at the Espacio Gallery for donating the amazing space that made The Art Take Away possible. Also Luna restaurant who donated packaging that ensured the Sweet ‘Art team could make that art to go and London Live who came down to promote the show and cover the event on Live TV!

Our trustees are still in the process of counting funds raised as we wait on a few final donations so stay posted for the final count.

If you did miss out on grabbing a bargain artwork though then do not worry as Sweet ‘Art will be continuing to host the Outskirts fundraiser section in their Sweet Shop, where unsold works from The Art Take Away will still be for sale. Do take a look here!

Here are a few photos from the night where all had an amazing time.

You can also watch our London Live edited coverage here.

Again a huge thank you all who came to the event, bought works online and donated artworks. Do check back for news that will follow our next trustees meeting and our plans for Outskirts in the coming year.

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