We Are Go!

With big thanks to The National Lottery and sponsors GreatArt we are proud to update our supporters and let you know that we have brought on board three dedicated art therapists into our growing charity and have partnered with the amazing Solace Women’s Aid in proving group and individual art therapy to women survivors of domestic abuse.

As you all know we are experiencing turbulent and unpredictable times socially and politically here in the UK. Cuts to the services of women and others who are marginalised in society continue to detrimentally effect our most vulnerable. We continue to seek alternative funding sources to maintain and continue our service in providing therapeutic support that empowers our clients with the confidence and insight to facilitate real and positive change. Such personal change for an individual can impact greatly in many systemic ways on both families and communities.

Providing one to one therapeutic support for just one woman for a 3 month period can cost approximately £1,000.

Providing a group art therapy program for up to 6 women can cost approximately £1,900.

Please do visit our donate now page if you feel you could donate even the smallest amount to help us continue our work.

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