Outskirts operates from a feminist perspective which for us means to value intersectionality, difference and the contribution of all members of society equally. We believe that the society in which we live is not an equal one and that many members of society are discriminated against and oppressed in a variety of ways based on gender identity, culture, ethnicity, physicality, economic status, religious beliefs and sexuality.


A feminist approach for us is one in which the voice and experience of women and those who feel disenfranchised or defined as ‘other’ by socially dominant groups is listened to and privileged.


We work therapeutically, using a feminist therapy model and an ecological model that includes the exploration of external realities impacting on an individual’s experience, as well as the personal. We also support clients practically offering a service that is person-centered and politically active and ethically aware. 


This for us is a feminist foundation, continually concerned with power, power imbalances and misuses,  and its manifestations in the form of privilege. We aim to provide a person-centered, inclusive service to support those in distress so they can begin to feel they are no longer on the Outskirts but central to their own experience – with the ability to facilitate change.